What is iSSSCHOOL?

iSSSCHOOL brings End2End Pre-School Solution to empower Schools, Teachers & Parents to engage children creatively to build strong foundation skills towards mindful and global citizen. All the courses are designed to engage children in a playful & natural way of learning for maximise engagement through animation, audio-video, interactive games, flashcard, worksheets, books etc.

Vision – To bring equality in education 
Mission – School anytime anywhere


iSSSCHOOL will guide children to become Self Learner and Logical Thinker. This will evolve a new role of Schools & Teachers as a Mentor & Guide to solve real world problems for a better inclusive society. Along with Foundation skills, our focus is to inculcate character building exercise through YOGA, Good Habits & Values from early ages.

  • End2End Pre-School Solution
  • Blended Model works in both Offline + Online Mode
  • Futuristic Education (KID’s Entrepreneurship Mindset)
  • Ease of Teaching (Learning videos)
  • Day wise curriculum to ease teaching & learning
  • Animated concept videos for teaching & learning
  • Mobile APP with Interactive games, puzzles, memory games, stories etc. for students
  • Yoga Videos for daily practice
  • Deep focus on Core Education & Concept building