Kindergarten Two

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Picture Books Collection for Early Learning with Flash Card and Worksheets



Main focus for Kindergarten TWO children is to develop Level 4 communication, concepts, objects & symbolic recognition etc. Its is further broken down into Phonic sounds (Sounds of each letter), 2 letter words formation, 3 & 4 letter words, CVS words formation and sounds, reading, numerals, ascending & descending order, single digit addition (Through objects & Line numbers), subtraction, theme based study, projects, model building and many more. Our curriculum is made through various activities, flashcards, worksheets, picture colouring, animated videos and many more. We make learning fun but in an academic curriculum driven path. For detail curriculum, please download e-Brochure from

We take every subject (Language, Numerals, EVS) as a skill in 3 different areas (Concept building, Writing or Pre-writing, Activities) and then constantly increase skill levels from Playgroup to Kindergarten TWO. Once their foundation skills (Communication, Reading, Writing, Cognitive, Creative Art, Sensory, Motor etc.) become very strong they will be ready to acquire any skill in future.


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